OsiFoundation will participate in the international secdefense security event to be held in Brazil from 11 to 12 December 2019

OSI (Occidental Studies Institute), with the objective of contributing in the Security sector and in different international realities, moves to Brazil this time to participate in SecDefense Brazil from 11 to 13 December 2019. There is no doubt that this activity will mark a milestone in the areas of Public Security and Defence in Brazil, where various current topics on innovative solutions in this field will be debated.


Brasilia (DF), a city in Brazil that will bring together a hundred authorities belonging to the Defense and Security.

An important event with the participation of the General Commanders Council of the Brazilian Fire and Military Police Brigade (CNCG), representatives of the government and the armed forces.

The forum will bring together in the same space the main authorities in order to become an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the business of investors and provide contact with a public specialized in the area of Public and Private Security, Military and specialists in National and International Defense.

An initiative whose main protagonist is the National Security and the Defence Forces. Qualified debates will be generated, to generate large scale content and to be held every year in the Federal District of the Capital of Brazil.

Of course, the audience that will attend is a qualified audience. Key managers will be seen in the area of Public Safety. As well as representatives of the Federal Government and the Armed Forces, as well as commanders of the Military Police from all over Brazil.

OSI, in a permanent support to the area of Security and International Defense, wanted to be present at this important event and will move to participate in all the scheduled days. Representing our Institution, will participate our General Director of OSI, David Odalric de Caixal, who is also Director of OSI Intelligence, Also goes as a speaker at the event Juanjo Alarcon Riubanys, professor at the OSI Institute.

One of the most important objectives of SecDefense Brazil is to provide a security ecosystem that generates corporate, institutional, personal and commercial results; to act in an innovative manner in the Brazilian security and defense fields, providing the event participants with the best solutions and successful tools in these fields.


For those brands related to Security and Defence that want to participate in the event, one of the key points of the forum is to position your brand at the centre of strategic decisions, explore different development possibilities and place your business at the forefront of security. In addition to getting the opportunity to be in direct contact with the main decision makers in the area.

Secdenfense will be one of the biggest events in Public Safety and Defense that Brazil has ever had.


SecDefense has the support of the Council of General Commanders of the Brazilian Fire and Police Brigade and the United Kingdom Embassy and the respective partners of these institutions, and for them there is a special price to participate in this event.

Sponsorship and participation fees are customized to serve your company or corporation. That way, no matter the size of your business, you can be part of this space in the security area.


OSI (Occidental Studies Institute), as an institution specialized in Security and Defense will participate in this event.

It also has other institutions such as the PM Conselho Nacional De Comandantes Gerais-CBM, Cruz Vermelha, Distrito Federal, OSI and Counter Terrorist Unit.

Finally, Total Florida International (TFI) will be the company in charge of carrying out this event and offering the best security services for its development.

If you want to know more about this event you can contact directly through its website: http://secdefense.com.br/

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