Security Defense & Geostrategy

This master’s degree is configured for graduates and university graduates, officers and non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard, and the body of inspectors and sub-inspectors of the National Police Corps.


It is designed to provide the student with extensive knowledge related to military issues, national security, defense policy, modern defense theory, conflicts and international politics, intelligence services, terrorism and organized crime, military in industry and defense economics, among others.


The structure of the master Security, Defense & Geostrategy is the one specified below:

  • Occidential Identity
  • Cybersecurity
  • Islamic Terrorism
  • Army and Security
  • Strategies and Security


Module 1: Occidental Identity

  • Occidental Identity
  • Ancient and Classic Heritage
  • Relations between State and
  • Religion

Module 2: Cybersecurity

  • The Key Concepts: Security, Geostrategy and Defense of the Nations.
  • Typology of conflicts and Evolution of Global War Threats.
  • National and International security and Defense Actors.

Module 3: Islamic terrorism

  • Jihadist radicalization and security implications.
  • Al—Qaeda, tactics and ramifications of Islamic terrorism.
  • Geostrategy and geopolitics in the Middle East.

Module 4: Army and security

  • Bioterrorism and Cyberterrorism
  • Threat and Reaction Against global Terrorism and Organized Crime
  • Fundamentals of Intelligence and counter intelligence
  • Armed forces

Module 5: Strategies and Security

  • Impact of the Military Industry on the Development of Economy and Technology
  • Milestones and Military Strategy in Contemporary History
  • Research Methodology Applied to Security and Defense

Final Project Master (FPM)

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