The OSI Foundation from Latin America seeks to promote presence towards the most needy, which is why it seeks to cover the following areas of religious, social, education, health, diplomatic relations and interreligious dialogue in order to reach more people and maintain social balance.


OSI together with the Jewish, Orthodox, Armenian community, the national bioethics committee and the Interreligious Dialogue team will support the master’s degrees in bioethics and Interreligious Dialogue for professional and interactive support in the community of Faith leaders globally. At the same time, it will help to close educational agreements with the different social actors to help people without resources to acquire the necessary training to be able to develop adequately at a professional level, creating a study aid plan.

And for future generations of leaders, the OSI Society will create, together with the OSI Institute, a network of internship and internship programs at an international level in all areas where OSI pursues a real integration of minorities and a sustainable adaptation of the society that hosts them. .

Socio-Health Assistance

From OSI we want to bring social integration to the entire community through a subsidized support system for minorities without resources, such as, for example, supporting access to health care in areas of difficult access through agreements and creation of support points in the low-income areas where care may be precarious.

Social Aid

At the community level OSI provide support to people in need with low resources not only through our community but in conjunction with multiple leaders who are with us at the ACeI interfaith and intercultural action table.

Together with them we do everything possible to help the Other, within our mission is the support and accompaniment of our community belonging to the values of Western Mindset OSI promotes.

At the diplomatic level, OSI protocol & mission is to be able to lead and accompany the various missions we have in the American Continent, Australia, Africa and Europe.

OSI is there where our collaboration is requested through our interaction in the different levels the interreligious dialogue requires by accompanying in the diversity of the different leaders and their communities to a dialogue that creates some bridges of understanding with respect and sincere friendship.

The main motivation is to support the communities so that their population develops economically and socially in a balanced and sustainable way as citizens integrated in the family values that OSI pursues.