III International Congress “Mind Crossing Borders” dedicated to “Spain and United Kingdom. Europe 2020”

On Wednesday 23 October 2019 OSI Occidental Studies Institute is holding the III International Congress “Mind Crossing Borders”; dedicated to “Spain and the United Kingdom. Europe 2020”;. The purpose of this congress is to contribute to leading the communication between political leaders, to build bridges of understanding. To this end, two round tables have been scheduled where two of the nations that contributed most to the expansion of the frontiers of the West in modern times find a point of union.

OSI Occidental Studies Institute wants to formulate a series of questions to those present at the congress that will mark the future of the United Kingdom, Europe, Spain and Gibraltar. Will Spain’s support as a mediator of the disagreement in the European Union cause the United Kingdom to reconsider its position with Gibraltar? Will the United Kingdom be able to offer new dynamics in Europe to help Espala lead change in the European Mediterranean? Will the future of the European Union pass through a Europe of 3 Regions?

The congress will be attended by Dirk Hazell, UK EPP leader, UK conservative pro-European movement; Luís Asúa Brunt, Spanish lawyer and politician; Santiago Velo de Antero, President of the Academy of Diplomacy in Madrid; José Ramón García Hernández, Doctor of Political Science and Spanish Diplomat; Christian Ghymers, President of the Institute for Relations between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and former Senior Advisor of the Department of Economics and Finance of the European Union; Mirta R. , Spanish lawyer and politician; Mirta R. , President of the European Union Department of Economy and Finance. Acero, President of OSI and Doctor of History, specialist in European Identity; Roger Casale, founder and CEO of the New Europeans movement and former British Labour MP; Enric Millo as Vice-Counsellor of the Junta de Andalucía.

The event will be moderated and presented by César Alcalá, Spanish historian and journalist, Javier Horcajo, Doctor in Economic Sciences and journalist and Paul Gordon, representative of the European Movement Uk movement in Spain. The event will take place at the Academia de la Diplomacia de Madrid, calle Covarrubias, 25.

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